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"Makers of REAL Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap!!"

What ever happened to 70% olive oil true Natural Liquid "Castile" claiming soap products?  It appears over the last decade just about every brand making the "Liquid Castile" claim twisted it to mean far lower in cost and fairly drying "coconut oil" mixed with "some" olive oil.  Photos on their labels abound with photos of "olives." 
We make classical "Castile liquid soap" with 70% Olive Oil, 10% Coconut Oil (for some bubble effects) and a small amount of other oils we love the attributes of.  We don't have to add low cost vegetable gylcerin to counter-act the drying predominate coconut oil that most other brands seem to need to be adding over this last decade.   We know 70%+ of what you put on your skin goes into you or your fur babies blood stream, a study by Burt's Bees proved this, so we had no choice but resurrect "Mabel's Miracles" formulated by bestselling DIY Author Deborah Dolen in 1996.  Because there is nowhere to buy it anymore and we must have it for our own families - it is back! 
Not all of our products are that high in Olive oil, some are utilitarian such as our "Lemon Soap" formula which needs more coconut percentage for more bubbles to mop the floors and even do laundry-still an orangic, natural and gorgeous formula!  Our labels will give the actual percentage breakdowns we doubt other brands would dare state!  The Smithsonian Institute is one of our biggest customers.


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Why natural liquid soap?  When you switch from using commercial surfactants to all natural liquid soap-you have made a  good decision to keep harmful chemicals away from you and your loved ones.  A surfactant is anything that bubbles.   Almost all commercial surfactants contain Sodium Laurel Sulfates-even the supposed "feel good" green brands in many Grocery stores with photos of cute babies on the bottles!  Read the labels.  Another tip-If the green store options are cheaper than the commercial brands they probably have have SLS in them.   In fact almost all humans have so much SLS that it was already present on the human skin before a group of researchers began to apply SLS to test its affects.  *Unscented natural liquid castile soap is usually made with more than 60% percent olive oil and uses include; body care, automatic dishwashers, laundry, pet care, and anything you would use a liquid soap for.  Manufactured by Flavor Laboratories."   We now sell soap paste for those who must save on shipping! Click here!  Our products now used in the Smithsonian and J.P. Getty Museum!

Uses of Natural Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is the most contacted product we use through out the day.  We use it to wash vegetables, hands, bodies, babies, pets, dishes and laundry.  Bottom line we use liquid soap several times a day. Our natural liquid soap does it all and does not dry your skin like sulfates or surfactants that are too high in cheap Coconut oil.  (Coconut oil is needed for some lather-but over 30% of the formula it is far too drying.)    Our natural liquid soap can be used in soap foamer's at about 40% soap to 60% distilled water.  Our natural liquid soap can be used in soap dispenser's although we sell a specific non-clog formula for liquid soap dispensers so please inquire.   Buy Natural Liquid Soap Bottled     Buy Natural Soap Paste

We use our natural liquid soap for our bodies, laundry, to rinse vegetables, mop floors and even use in our automatic dishwashers.  *When using our product in the dishwasher, you will need a natural shine agent called "Citric" shine or you will experience an alkaline film.  Any acid such as vinegar will work but we do not like the smell.  Our soap can also be used as a "Gardener's natural pesticide."  When sprayed on vegetables with some water-pests do not like to eat the plants.   A 20% soap to water ratio is recommended for this application.  Pets need a different pH For pets click here More Product Reviews  Using natural liquid soap to do laundry?  Use the same amount as you would ordinary detergent.  Buy Bottled Soap     Buy Soap Paste

What customers say about our Natural Liquid Soap...

Hurry and send more-my laundry is piling up!   Paige Donovan, Saratoga, NY

I love knowing my family is not using commercial SLS.  Jen, Thousand Oaks, CA

I love the gentle bubbles and using this by my kitchen sink to wash veggies...Annette, Superior, MN

Cleaning me and everything else suddenly took on a new meaning - a lot more fun!    Max, Short Hills, NJ

Natural does not mean more expensive, in fact our soap replaces a myriad of commercial products.  Click here to buy natural liquid soap. NBC The New York Times